Hello everybody, I will be flying to Abu Dhabi to support team GDJJ competitors Sarah Black & Kristina Barlaan, who will be representing our team GDJJ/Nova Uniao for the fourth year in a row at the prestigious Abu Dhabi World Pro JJ Championship on April 11th,12th and 13th of 2013. We will be doing a raffle until March 11th to help raise money for the plane ticket to Abu Dhabi. For every $5 that you donate, you will receive a ticket. I will be offering one private class as one of the prizes and I will be also donating a Nova Uniao Gi. If you are interested, please contact Sarah or Cresha at the front desk about it. Thanks for the support.

Gustavo Dantas


- One hour private class with Gustavo Dantas ($150 value)
- One ORIGIN Nova Uniao Gi ($159.99 value)
- One fifty minute Mental Coaching session with Gustavo Dantas ($79.99 value)
- One free event entry from GDJJ Events ($70 value)
- AGGRO, Fighter Tech and Gentle Art x Body Art prize bag ($100 to $150 value)


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