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On April 13th there will be a white belt (1st and 2nd stripe) checkpoint class taking place at GDJJ Academy.  From 10 am to 12:30 pm. Must be a white belt with at least one stripe to attend the class.

-GDJJ Academy Students & Affiliates (only) save $ by pre-registering for the class
-$25 Fee for GDJJ Academy Students
-$35 Fee for GD Affiliates
-$40 Fee at the door for both GDJJ Academy Students and GD Affiliates
-Fees are NOT refundable

Registration Available online or at GDJJ Academy

Checkpoints are mandatory 2 hour sessions that allow a student  to review moves and positions from the curriculum that they may or may not be familiar with, making sure to go over the specific details that often/commonly get missed by students. A student will receive focused instruction and Checkpoints are an excellent resource for information that will help students towards their promotion. You must have attended to Check points (plus the Self Defense), in order to receive your diploma when promoted.

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