Name: Ryan “Scoop” Heilman
Belt: Brown
Weight: Feather

Brown Belt Titles:

3rd Southwest BJJ Classic – 2nd place
2011 U.S. National Championship – 1st place (Gi) & 1st place (No-Gi)
2011 IBJJF Las Vegas International Open – 2nd place (Feather) & 3rd place (Open)

On the Press:
Ryan Heilman talks double featherweight gold at American Nationals (Gracie Mg)

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, Preferred Rehab &

Name: Issa Able Belt: Brown Weight: Light Weight

Purple Belt Titles:

2012 Abu Dhabi Pro San Diego Trials – 3rd place (Open)
7th AZ International Open – 1st place (Light and Open)
3rd Southwest BJJ Classic – 1st place 2011 IBJJF Las Vegas International Open – 1st place
2011 Abu Dhabi Pro Las Vegas Trials – Open Class Champion 2010
& 2011 Arizona State Champion 2010
U.S. National Championship – 1st place
2010 Southwest BJJ Classic Champion

On the Press: Issa Able Represents in Abu Dhabi (Gracie Mag)

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Name: Christian Broadnax Belt: Brown Division: Feather/Light Weight

Brown Belt Titles:
2012 AZ State Championship – 1st place (Light) & 1st place (Open)
2012 IBJJF Toronto International Open – 1st place (Light)
2012 Samurai Jiu-Jitsu Pro – 1st place (Light)

On the Press: 10 Fighter to watch for in 2011 (Gracie Mag)

Christian Broadnax wants to make his way back to the podium permanently (Gracie Mag)


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