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Inner Discovery for outer success”

Featuring Gustavo Dantas
. Certified Mental Coach
. Certified Life Coach
. 4th Degree Black Belt World Champion

Tampa, FL on April 4th, 2014

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5:30pm to 6:30pm – Doors Open. “Meet and Greet”
6:30pm to 8:00pm – “Inner discovery for outer success”

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  • Do you have a hard time transferring all your hard work from practice to the competition mat?

  • Do you feel anxious prior to and during competition because you don’t want to disappoint your coach, team mates, friends, and family?

  • Do you have the desire to be the best that you can be in Jiu-Jitsu or want to improve your mental game?

If you answered YES to one or more of the questions, you should consider attending “Inner Discovery for outer success”.

Inner Discovery for outer success” (I.D.F.O.S.) is one hour and ten minutes presentation that will inspire you and give you tools to handle some of the mental blocks that prevent you from performing to the best of your ability. Gustavo breaks down five tips that that can help you to discover what is holding you back from reaching your full potential and achieving the success that you desire. The benefits of Mental Skills Training (M.S.T.) with “I.D.F.O.S.” is: Enhancing Performance, Increase enjoyment and greater self-satisfaction.

1st MST

But what is M.S.T.?

There are many specific mental skills that contribute to our success in Jiu-Jitsu and other areas of our lives. Psychological skills can help an athlete to make adjustments to their thoughts, feelings, and physical sensations that will help them to perform to the best of their ability, maximize their success, and tap into their full potential on the mat and in life.

This sounds good, but I’m not trying to become a World champion or anything. I have a full time job, wife, and kids.”

You don’t need to be a Black belt, World champion in order to become successful. You could be a 40-year-old White belt, competing for the first time in a local tournament. What do these two athletes have in common? Both are trying to be the best they can be according to their limitations, commitment, time, and physical ability.

Mental preparation is widely underestimated in the Jiu-Jitsu community. When you have this mental skill you gain an edge over your competition. In addition this mental skill gets you out of your comfort zone and leads you towards victory.

For more information about attending or hosting an “Inner Discovery for Outer Success” event please contact Gustavo Dantas at


About the Speaker

the bjj mental coach


Gustavo Dantas is a 4th degree Black Belt in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu from the world renowned team, Nova Uniao.  With over 15 years of coaching experience and being a World Class competitor with International experience, Gustavo has competed in tournaments in Brazil, United States, Japan and United Arab Emirates, including his most recent accomplishment, the 2012 U.S. National Jiu-Jitsu Champion at the Black Belt/Feather/Senior 1 division and the 2012 World Champion at the Black Belt/Feather/Senior 1 division. A motivational speaker, certified Mental & Fitness Coach with a Bachelor’s degree in Physical Education from UFRJ (Universidade Federal do Rio de Janeiro), Gustavo left Brazil in 1999 with three thousand dollars, 2 bags, and one teenage dream: to have his own 100% Jiu-Jitsu academy and make his living through the passion of his life, Jiu-Jitsu. The Gustavo Dantas Jiu-Jitsu Academy was established on March 6th, 2012, re-enforcing the statement, “Believe in your dreams. Hard work pays off”.

Gustavo was the Jiu-Jitsu coach of the Mixed Martial Arts Gym, Arizona Combat Sports for eleven years, where he achieved his 2-0 MMA Record.  During that time, Gustavo started the mission of promoting Jiu-Jitsu in the State of Arizona, becoming the vice-president of the Arizona State Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Federation and turning a small, 40 competitor, “in-house” tournament in 2001 to an impressive 705 competitors in 2011, helping Arizona to be recognized as one of the Jiu-Jitsu power houses in the United States, where he produced over 20 World Championship medalists.

Well respected in the Jiu-Jitsu community as well as a great competitor, coach, and human being, Gustavo continues to build champions on the mat and in life in Arizona and he hopes to spread out his coaching philosophy to more Jiu-Jitsu practitioners for years to come.

Jiu-Jitsu Magazine (February/2013) 4-page article

 Jits. Mag (December/2012) 3-page article
Full article available for free at

Open Mat Radio

Part 1 of Gustavo's interview with Open Mat Radio

Part 1 of Gustavo’s interview with Open Mat Radio

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