Are You Ready To Try Martial Arts This Year

I’ve met a lot of people in Tempe, Az and as soon as they find I instruct martial arts, they immediately tell me it’s something they’ve always wanted to do. My response is that there’s no time like the present to get started. The longer you wait, the more excuses you find to stop you from starting. The more starting intimidates you and the more you miss out on the great exercise and amazing experience you’ll have doing martial arts.

Martial Arts helps you get your body in peak condition.

You’ll be working your body in ways you never imagined. While you may not be in the best condition when you first start, if you’re serious, it won’t be long before you’ll get that way. It works you hard and boosts your endurance, strength and flexibility. You’ll burn more calories during a session than you thought possible, up to 1500 in an hour. Luckily, your mind won’t be focused on the hard work since you’ll be more focused on technique and moves than how hard you’re working.

You’ll burn off any stress you had that day, no matter how bad the day was.

Life can be tough, but the classes are tougher, but also teach you how to handle it mentally. It may burn off stress hormones from your daily activity, but creates new types of issues. There’s a lot of pressure when you’re facing an opponent and you’ll have to make quick decisions. You’ll learn to handle the pressure of going up against an opponent, make clear decisions when under pressure and yes, even handle the stress. It can give you a lesson you can use in everyday life, while also clearing up that sick feeling you have in the pit of your stomach from work.

You’ll become a member of a community, not just a member of a class.

Unlike most gyms where you’re just another face, going to martial arts class gives you a sense of community. The classes are tough, but there’s a bond with the instructors and students. The instructors will push you and so will your training partners. You’ll develop a trust with the other students, which is necessary when they’re a training partner. One significant point repeated frequently is respect for your opponent, not necessarily beating them. Although winning matches is part of successful training.

  • You’ll learn consistency counts. Every session is different and if you skip a few, you’ll miss important ones. Martial arts becomes a lifestyle, not a pastime.
  • Initially, you’ll get more bumps and bruises, but as you improve, you’ll learn how to dodge and avoid getting hit. That helps you become more alert in everyday life and aware of the potential accidents.
  • You’ll develop a great tool for self-defense and also a tool to spot danger and avoid it.
  • You’ll also wonder why you didn’t start this amazing sport earlier and realize how much you’re capable of achieving when you set your mind to it.

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