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Doing the same old workout at your gym can be a bore. That’s why adding BJJ—Brazilian Jiu Jitsu—in Phoenix, AZ can make all the difference in the world and even help you stick with your workout when you otherwise might have stopped. You’ll never be bored when you’re practicing BJJ. You have to stay focused both during practice and while you’re in a match with your partner. If you aren’t alert when you’re learning new moves, you’ll miss something important. Of course, staying alert during a match is self-explanatory and leads to a quick defeat.

Some people use BJJ as their only form of workout.

Don’t worry, you won’t miss a thing. There’s no need to create a workout for each type of fitness, strength, flexibility, endurance and balance, BJJ does it all. You’ll be getting a heart healthy cardio workout whether in the ring or practicing moves and there’s no doubt about the flexibility it takes to do many of the submissions, chokes and locks. You definitely need strength and balance to participate, too.

BJJ is a workout for all types of fitness, too.

There’s no need to do individual spot exercises. BJJ is a total body workout. Whether you want to work on your core muscles, calves, thighs or upper arms, you’ll get it all in one session. Best of all, you’ll also be building synergy throughout the body, since all the muscles joints and tendons are working together. That helps keep you functionally fit.

Watch those calories burn!

Are you trying to lose weight? No problem with BJJ. It burns tons of calories. While everyone’s numbers will be different, based on their weight and amount of activity, some examples of the number of calories are relatively easy to calculate to get a rough estimate. If you’re workout is light, then you’ll burn approximately 3.25 calories per hour per pound you weigh and if it’s intense, you’ll burn 4.87 calories an hour per pound. In this instance, 170 pound person would burn 552.5 calories for a light BJJ workout in an hour, but if he or she ramped it up to intense, that person would burn 827.9 calories. That’s huge!

BJJ has a warm community of people that help each other.

Don’t worry about feeling embarrassed because you don’t have all the skills developed yet. The basic concepts of BJJ is respect for others. No one will make fun of you.

Most people who get involved with BJJ find they also tend to change their eating habits. BJJ is more than an exercise, it’s a lifestyle.

As a bonus, you get a great self-defense tool that works for people of all ages and sizes. It’s all about planning your next move by anticipating your opponents next move.

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