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If you want a great workout, a form of self defense, a social activity that forms lifelong friendships or a new activity that helps teach discipline, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu—classes in Tempe could be perfect for you or your family. Age isn’t a factor if you’re going to take BJJ classes. It’s good for people of all ages from children to seniors. It’s more than just a great physical workout. It’s a great mental workout, too. No matter what your age, learning to quickly create a strategy is a real benefit.

Young people can benefit from the discipline it offers, but so can adults.

BJJ teaches respect and self-discipline. These are qualities often neglected in today’s world. No matter how much parents attempt to teach it at home, it doesn’t seem to be a high priority with the rest of the world. Learning respect for authority figures helps teach self-respect, too. No matter what your age, learning or honing your skills in self-discipline aids in all areas of life. Self-discipline leads to self-respect and who can’t benefit from that?

You’ll get a great workout.

When it comes to exercise, everyone benefits from it, regardless of age. Whether you’re 12 years old, a senior or any age in between, getting adequate exercise not only helps build muscles and burn fat, it keeps the body healthy. It lowers blood pressure, boost the immune system, keeps bones strong and keeps blood sugar levels in check. Keeping active, no matter what your age, keeps you stronger and living longer.

You’ll learn a good form of self-defense.

BJJ is an exceptionally good form of self-defense. It was created by a man that was small in stature, so it’s for people of all sizes, but particularly good for those who are smaller. Your size doesn’t make a difference when it comes to winning a grapple. It’s all about technique and strategy. That’s why women and children can overcome a larger attackers when they use BJJ. You’ll never walk or look like a victim when you know BJJ, which is often what predators search out. It boosts your confidence and it shows.

The great workout that BJJ provides helps boost your immune system and protects your cells. One way to build more stem cells and protect existing cells is with exercise. It keeps you young at the cellular level.

Because it teaches self-discipline and respect for others, it doesn’t create bullies. It does create confident kids who know they don’t have to fight to get respect.

There’s a warm community of people in BJJ. It’s a good social outlet besides being a great workout.

You’ll see pounds drop quickly once you’re involved with BJJ. It’s a real calorie burner that’s also fun.

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