Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, A Sport For Everyone

It doesn’t matter whether you’re a man or a woman, anyone in Tempe AZ can practice Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. It’s a sport that spans age, too. In fact, one of the grand masters and founders of BJJ, Helio Gracie, was both teaching and practicing BJJ just ten days before his death at 95. You can advance at your own pace, which makes it a sport that even the very out of shape can begin and gradually work toward a healthier fitness level and lifestyle.

Your size or strength doesn’t matter.

You expect your opponent to be bigger and stronger when you go to the mat. Size is of no consequence in BJJ. Helio Gracie was what we would think of as a small man, weighing in at 115 pounds that barely filled his 5’6″ frame. He practiced with his brother who taught Japanese Jiu Jitsu, which depends more on strength and speed, and lost matches consistently. That’s when he changed the techniques used to match his own size and used timing and leverage to take down an opponent rather than strength. It uses technique rather than brute force to win a match, so regardless of size, the person with the best technique wins.

Women can excel at BJJ.

While there are some very muscular, imposing women, on the average, most women are smaller in size than men and often not as strong. BJJ is a form of self-defense they can excel at regardless of size. Not only does it provide a means of self protection, it’s also extremely good exercise. There is no gender bias in this sport. The sport is all about technique and strategy. In fact, it’s often called the “game of human chess” because of that.

It’s extremely good exercise and can help you get into shape and shed pounds.

There are examples everywhere of people that began the sport just as a form of exercise to help them lose weight. Not only did they stick with it, they excelled and as they did, those unwanted pounds disappeared and they became fit. Unlike other types of workouts, the focus is on the fight, not how many repetitions you do. It’s on building technique. It’s one reason that people who have failed at following through with other forms of exercise, have succeeded with BJJ.

  • BJJ helps build discipline and character. It takes focus and discipline to succeed, which makes it excellent as a training tool for children. It teaches using taking responsibility and using techniques to subdue attackers with minimal force.
  • BJJ helps boost thinking power. Not only does the physical activity of the sport improve cognitive thinking, the actual planning and focus required during a spar is immense. You have to create a strategy on the fly, which is excellent brain training.
  • You’ll win, you’ll lose and you’ll realize that it’s the struggle and effort put in to win that really is important. Learning to accept failure and continuing is what builds both character and future growth.
  • It builds confidence, no matter what your age, size or sex. It’s the confidence that comes from practicing and succeeding, plus the confidence in knowing you can protect yourself.

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