Can MMA Be For The Whole Family

If you’re considering MMA for the whole family, you’ll appreciate how much benefit each member gets. Even Grandma and Grandpa can benefit from MMA training. There are many benefits for seniors from BJJ training. It keeps your body healthier and your mind sharper. You have to plan strategies to take down an opponent. It builds strength and can turn back the clock as seniors get stronger, improve balance, improve endurance and become more flexible.

Mom and Dad will benefit from the workout and it’s ability to help shed pounds.

If you’re just starting to notice those extra pounds creeping up on you, you’re not alone. In the late 30s, people start losing their muscle mass and start adding pounds. It doesn’t have to be if you stick with a program of regular exercise, like BJJ. You’ll get re-energized and find that all the stresses of the day seem to melt away. That boost in energy will keep you active in other areas, so you’ll start to live every day more active and boost your health even more.

Children get more than just physical training, they get character development, too.

There’s a lot to be said about learning to suffer through adversity. The most important is the discipline and ability to continue that it teaches. BJJ offers these lessons as well as lessons on respecting others, especially sparring partners. While you may focus on defeating them in a match, that doesn’t mean you don’t respect them. Too often that type of training is neglected and it’s so important for a happy successful life. BJJ is hard work, so a work ethic and perseverance learned from the class is important.

Everyone benefits from the improved memory and focus BJJ training offers.

You may not realize it, but BJJ training is both for the body and mind. When your opponent has the best of you, slowing down your thinking and focusing on how to turn the tables and make a bad situation work for you is important. That focus helps build alertness, which makes you more aware of your surroundings. While BJJ is a good self-defense tool, the best self-defense tool is knowing what’s going on around you and when to get away from a situation.

  • As noted previously, BJJ is a good self-defense tool, but it does so much more. It builds that confidence that keeps bullies, muggers and predators at bay.
  • Everyone in the family will find that BJJ is fun. It’s one of the reasons it’s a great tool for getting into shape. You barely notice you’re exercising since you’re focused more on the moves and getting results.
  • As a family activity, including Grandma and Grandpa, everyone can help each other. While you won’t all be in the same class, you’ll be using the same techniques and can help each other.
  • Many people find that once they start BJJ training, it becomes a way of life. Eating healthier is often the next step they take to help them improve in their drive to get better.

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