January 17th, 2022
Fundamentals Review Class September 21, 2019 | Gold Plus Program (Free of Charge), Bronze, Silver or Regular Gold Program ($25) & Affiliate Schools $40

If you’re enrolled in the Gold Plus Program, this 2 1/2 hour class is free of charge. You will have a chance to review four weeks of classes. If you’re a Bronze, Silver or Regular Gold Program the investment for the class is $25. Affiliate Schools’ fee is $40. INVEST in your knowledge 😉 

Competition Class September 21, 2019 | FREE

Three tournaments are coming up in the next seven weeks: IBJJF Phoenix International Open (09/28), AZBJJF Southwest BJJ Classic in Phoenix (10/26 & 27) and Grappling Industries in Tucson (11/02).  Take advantage of this free class!