Find Your Focus With Jiu Jitsu

Stressing after the work day ends about everything that went wrong extends the day and doesn’t bring the relief you need to relax. If you’re working out at the gym, you may not even get that mental relief, after all, running on a treadmill leaves you plenty of time to think. People in BJJ classes turn off the work switch when they enter the building. You really don’t have time to stress over the problems of the day when you’re learning new techniques or in a choke hold. You’ll find your focus with Jiu Jitsu and get past the day’s problems.

BJJ provides structure.

While the lessons of each class are always new and interesting, the structure of the class remains. Each class follows a pattern with an opening, warm up and drills. Techniques are taught, which require total focus and concentration. The strict respect for training partners keeps the focus on doing each session right. The contact with BJJ triggers hormones and neurochemicals that make each participant more aware and focused. The structure allows those taking BJJ to direct the focus.

Jiu Jitsu burns off the hormones of stress.

Stress hormones can make your mind foggy. While stress immediately makes you more focused, over the long term, if the hormones aren’t dissipated, it can lead to impaired learning and poor focus. Chronic stress actually is responsible for killing brain cells and shrinking the prefrontal cortex that involves memory and learning. The warm up sessions burns off stress hormones from the day’s trials and tribulations. Even though more stress hormones are produced during training, they’re burned off immediately through activity. When you finish the session, you’ll be back to normal and feeling positively great with renewed focus.

You’ll learn to set a goal and stick with it, regardless of the roadblocks.

Even though people enjoy taking BJJ instruction, it doesn’t mean it’s easy. Quite the contrary, it’s pretty tough. It requires more than just learning how to do each new technique, it requires the inner strength to continue until you have it right. You may have a hard time picking up one technique and feel discouraged when others pass you by in proficiency, but the minute you have success, you’ll know why you stuck with it. It’s one of the biggest rushes and gives you the focus to make it through the trial and tribulations of life without quitting.

  • BJJ classes require total attention or the potential to miss important lessons techniques occurs. It only takes missing important facts once to know why focus on detail is so important and it makes you work harder to maintain it.
  • The intensity of the sessions lets you release anger in a positive way. Anger can divert your focus.
  • You never can coast in BJJ. There’s always something more to learn. That keeps you focused and on your toes.
  • You’ll develop increased awareness. You have to think clearly while grappling. That means you literally slow down time in your mind. That intense focus allows you to calculate your next move and prevents panic, a lesson you’ll carry on in everyday life.

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