GD Jiu Jitsu Academy Shines at Fight to Win Pro 59

[By Danny O’Donnell]

Fight to Win Pro returned to Scottsdale, Arizona on Friday January 19th at the Victorium Sport

Team GD Jiu Jitsu had 6 competitors on the card: Nick Nelson, Aaron Wilson, Tyson Antillon, Josh Guerra, Beau Tribolet and Josh Rodriguez. Three competitors had no gi matches and 3 had matches in the gi.

Nick Nelson led off the card with a rear naked choke in a under a minute in a no gi match. After securing the back position early, Nick worked to lock in a rear naked choke that he was eventually able to finish.

Aaron Wilson was the second no gi match for Team GD on the night. Aaron was looking to
build upon his latest no gi success, placing second at the 2017 IBJJF No Gi Worlds. He opened up the match a beautiful takedown and transitioned straight into some aggressive guard passing. His pressure and dominant positions awarded him the decision victory.

The final no gi match for Team GD featured Tyson Antillon in a bout to contest for the Fight to Win Lightweight No Gi title. The beginning of the match saw Tyson and his opponent trade a variety of leg lock attempts. Tyson proved his attacks to be more formidable, locking in a heel hook to get the submission victory and the Lightweight title.

GD Jiu Jitsu brown belt Josh Guerra started off the team’s gi matches in very impressive fashion. Josh started the match by pulling guard and sweeping his opponent. He continued to set the pace throughout, earning more sweeps and dominant positions before securing the back position and a tight bow and arrow choke for the submission victory.

Coach Beau Tribolet was one of the first black belt matches of the night and was dominant all throughout the contest. He secured a takedown, guard passes and back takes and finished his opponent with a tight armbar.

Coach Josh Rodriguez capped off an amazing event with a sixth victory for GD Jiu Jitsu on the night. Josh used his highly effective lapel guard game to sweep his opponent and then worked multiple attacks on the feet to earn a unanimous decision victory. Congratulations to all the GD Jiu Jitsu competitors who represented our team so well on the Fight to Win stage!!

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