GD Student of the Month – Domenic Hurtado

[by Yasmyn Castro]

Domenic Hurtado is a GD Jiu Jitsu Academy student and a freshman at Desert Vista High
School in Phoenix.

Despite being busy with school and all the extra curriculars that come with it, Dom makes time to train Jiu Jitsu nearly every day. “When I came to Arizona I wanted to join a good jiu-jitsu academy quick. The first jiu-jitsu academy I went to was GD. I took the Kids Advanced class to try it out and right away I knew I wanted to stay. Everyone treated me well and were good training partners. Competing for GD is also a great experience because you have so much support, win or lose. My favorite thing about competing is the love and support behind you.”

Although Jiu Jitu and school work keep Dom very busy, he also wrestles on the varsity
Thunder wrestling team. “I wrestle varsity on the Thunder wrestling team. I did wrestling because I knew it would help with my Jiu Jitsu and a college degree if I do really well. Wrestling has helped me with the beginning of my Jiu Jitsu match. I have learned stronger takedowns and ways to pin people down. I’ve learned things like low shots, single leg trips and how to have better pressure.

Wrestling really emphasizes being first so you can get ahead in the match. It helped me realize it’s the same for Jiu Jitsu.”

Dom’s training in Jiu Jitsu and wrestling are preparing him for his ultimate goals. “In the
future I want to be an MMA fighter. I want wrestling to get me a scholarship and Jiu Jitsu is going to help me toward my goal of becoming an MMA fighter and opening my own gym.

These are my goals for the future and the path I want to take.”

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