Is Cardio Involved In Martial Arts Training

When you workout, you need all types of training, including cardio. While martial arts training can boost your cardio performance, in order to become your best at martial arts, additional cardio training helps. Martial arts helps you improve all types of fitness. It includes training for flexibility, balance, endurance and strength. While the first part of the name, jiu, means flexibility or gentleness, the focus is on using the opponents strength to your advantage. It builds all areas, but will leave you exhausted if you don’t have the endurance—cardio—fitness necessary.

Good cardio is only second to good training.

Endurance is so important to jiu jitsu that it can mean the difference between success and failure. The only thing that surpasses it in important is technique. While strength is also a factor, strength won’t help you when you run out of steam in a match. It requires both aerobic and anaerobic fitness. While you might get into condition running miles, if you don’t workout with weights to build strength, you won’t last very long in a match. It’s a complete body workout.

You’ll boost your heart rate in matches.

When you practice jiu jitsu, you’ll get a full body workout and boost your endurance. When you’re actually in a match be prepared for a surprise, especially if your opponent is better than you. You’ll be pushed to limits you didn’t think possible and get your heart rate extremely high. Of course, the better you become, the more you learn to control the situation with smart technique, but being cardio fit is extremely important even then.

It involves more than just running.

You may run all day long and still tire out after ten minutes of jiu jitsu. It’s different from running in that you have so much more going on in the match. You’re using strength, endurance, flexibility and balance, rather than just on endurance like running does. When you’re using strength, it also tires you out, so imagine the combination of a cardio and strength workout. It’s rather like HIIT training or circuit training, which is far more draining than traditional workouts. You’re using your entire body, which adds to the drain. While other forms are cardio are good, they’re also different from the cardio workout with jiu jitsu.

  • Jiu jitsu teaches discipline and to keep going even when you’re tired. That’s a huge benefit for building cardio endurance.
  • Over time, when you practice jiu jitsu, your body will change. You’ll develop strength and endurance, turning into a tougher, more resilient individual.
  • As you develop your skills, you’ll want to add other training to improve your abilities. People often look to other forms of cardio and strength training to boost their ability.
  • Most of all, jiu jitsu is fun and holds your attention, so you’re more likely to continue training. In order to be good for your health, you have to participate, no matter how effective the exercise is. You’ll do it with jiu jitsu.

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