Is Jiu Jitsu Only For Adults?

If you thought that Jiu jitsu was just for adults, you need to check out some of our classes inTempe, AZ. We have sessions created specifically for young children, even down to the age of three. There’s a good reason for children to get the benefit of learning jiu jitsu. It’s more than just a skill or athletic event, it’s a lesson in life. It helps mold the child with lesson of discipline and self-responsibility. Unfortunately, in today’s society, those traits seem to be disappearing. They’re extremely important. The biggest deterrent to success most people face is self-discipline.

Unlike many team sports, nobody sits on the bench in jiu jitsu.

Your child may not be a natural athlete, but that doesn’t mean he can’t participate. Sports are a way to boost physical development and provide an outlet for energy. If you’re child isn’t the picture perfect athlete, they can end up feeling worse about themselves. While some children have the speed, strength and size that most team coaches desire, not all do. Unfortunately, those that don’t are given the playing time to progress further. In jiu jitsu, nobody sits on the bench. It brings out the best in every child, including confidence.

It’s all about sticking to it and discipline.

To many people quit in life before they reach their true potential in any sport or endeavor. Jiu jitsu is all about practice and learning. Practicing each move, no matter how small, until it’s perfected helps show children how training takes time, but is well worth it in the end when there’s improvement. The discipline also comes in how the student faces an opponent. It’s with respect.

One exceptional benefit of jiu jitsu is that both children and parents can participate.

Other sports where your child participates leave you sitting on the sidelines, either in the crowd or as a coach. In jiu jitsu, parents can take classes at the same time as their children. While not in the same class, they’re learning similar skills, which can create a bonding. Whole families sometimes take classes. When classes are one following the other, parents get to watch their children and visa versa.

  • Jiu jitsu teaches fairness and good sportsmanship. It’s about control and honing your skills, not just about winning a match. No matter what the age, it’s a good lesson.
  • Today, one of the biggest problems in America is obesity. It’s the leading cause of preventable deaths. Jiu jitsu not only helps adults lose weight, it can aid in ensuring that children don’t develop a weight problem.
  • Not only is jiu jitsu a confidence builder, it also helps prevent bullying by your child or to your child. That self-confidence shows and children learn how to deal with bullies, without getting physical.
  • Jiu jitsu can provide a lifelong tool for self-protection. No matter what the gender or age, it can be extremely important.

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