Jiu Jitsu For The Whole Family

If you want a sport that you’ll enjoy and your children will love, consider Jiu Jitsu. The whole family can enjoy it and not just with one participant and everyone else as spectators. Everyone can participate. It’s a great workout that’s engaging and challenging for mom and dad and for the kids it’s even more. It not only provides exercise and challenges, it also teaches good sportsmanship, boosts fitness and provides all the benefits that participating in any sport provides, plus more.

You’ll cheer from the sidelines, without the hassle of trying to get to the game on time.

It’s tough being a parent. You want to cheer your child on to victory in their favorite sport and be there for them whether they win or lose, but there’s work and other responsibilities, too. If you want to get into shape yourself, you might as well forget it. There just isn’t time. If you’re taking Jiu Jitsu classes at the same location, you can watch before or after your session without having to rush to a different location. You’ll get your fitness time and stress relief, while still being a great parent.

Your kids will get more out of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu than many other sports. ,

There’s nothing wrong with team sports like basketball, baseball and football. In fact, there’s a lot right with them. They do provide great exercise and discipline. However, they also are team sports and often children who could use the practice in the sport are left riding the bench. If the coach is dedicated to playing every child, some parents that are more competitive can be pretty rude and hurtful toward those kids, making participation miserable. Great respect for a training partner is taught regardless of their ability and hard work is emphasized. No matter what level the person is, mutual respect is shown.

Taking BJJ together provides a mutual pastime that everyone has in common.

Unless you’re well versed in a sport or coaching it, you’re only half aware of what people in a sport go through when they’re in that sport. Even if you don’t have any sports background, you can start BJJ at the same time your children do and learn with them. You’ll have plenty to discuss as you both learn the moves, the strategies and the philosophy of BJJ.

You’ll enjoy free time together traveling to matches. Proud parents are always willing to travel to their children’s matches. That’s not always true of siblings. When the whole family participates, everyone will get to be both a participant and spectator.

You’ll be able to provide even more support for your kids and give them the opportunity to do the same for you.

When the whole family takes classes, you can share what you learned with each other and practice together.

When everyone takes classes, there’s more family focus on healthy living and even healthy eating to help boost performance.

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