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Young, old or in-between, there’s something for everyone who practices jiu jitsu in Phoenix, AZ. While everyone gets the same benefits, based on age and fitness level, one or two will be particularly important. For instance, learning respect and discipline. While self-discipline is important for everyone and can be a huge help when trying to achieve goals, it’s particularly important for children and can make a huge difference in their success in the future. Learning respect for others is also a huge benefit for children. One would hope adults already have that skill.

Losing weight can span all ages, but often it’s the in-between group that needs it most.

Often people from their thirties to their fifties and sixties are looking for a way to shed those extra pounds that seem to sneak up and jump on as each year passes. Jiu jitsu burns tons of calories. Brazilian jiu jitsu, for instance, burns 3.25 calories per hour per pound you weigh and if it’s intense, you’ll burn 4.87 calories an hour per pound. A person weighing 170 pounds would burn 552.5 calories if the intensity were light for an hour workout, but intense workouts would chalk up a massive 827.9 calories burned.

Jiu jitsu will keep you limber and strong.

Anyone edging toward Social Security age and beyond, has to face stiffer joints, less flexibility, loss of muscle mass and strength. That’s not to mention the lowered endurance that also occurs. BJJ can keep you from losing that muscle mass and may even reverse the trend. The more muscle mass you have, the less likely you are to lose bone mass. The total body workout keeps seniors more flexible and also helps improve balance and endurance. While everyone can benefit from these things, seniors do even more because they help keep them more active and far less prone to injury and illness.

The social climate of a jiu jitsu class is warm and welcoming.

Everyone is working at their own pace, but that doesn’t mean they aren’t working together. While you may not partner up with the best in the class, you’ll partner up with someone who can teach you something you didn’t know. Even beginners have something to offer their partner. Jiu jitsu becomes the focal point of a lifestyle that focuses on good health, respect and self-confidence.

Your brain gets a good workout doing jiu jitsu and that’s good for all ages. The whole concept is learning what to do as your next move and planning strategies quickly to overcome your opponents move.

No matter what your age, you’ll have a great form of self-defense you can take with you everywhere. Unlike weapons, there’s no chance of an attacker taking the weapon from you and using it against you.

Jiu jitsu promotes hard work and mental toughness. Mental toughness means you’re willing to go farther to achieve your goal when others would have quit. That helps no matter how old you are.

Everyone can benefit from more confidence and presence. Jiu jitsu students develop both.

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