Learn How To Defend Yourself

It’s a complicated time to live. We have machines so sophisticated that are in everyone’s homes, yet just 50 years ago, they would have been considered science fiction and found only in the mad scientist lab. By the same token, those labor saving devices have left people overweight, leading to rising health issues. The more sophisticated we become, the less prone we are to learn self-defense. That also leaves us at the mercy of others in society who are more than willing to take advantage of that. You can learn how to defend yourself, while also getting fitter, solving two modern problems at once. BJJ—Brazilian Jiu Jitsu is the best method of self defense, particularly for women.

BJJ was born because of a smaller stature.

Japanese Jiu Jitsu requires power and focusing on a number of different techniques. The Gracie family, especially Helio Gracie, narrowed the focus to create a martial arts technique that allowed those who are physically weaker or smaller to be able to defend themselves against much larger or stronger attackers. It uses leverage and the most efficient use of body strength and force to create that effect. One of the reasons it’s also so effective is that it deals with methods of fighting when the smaller person is laying on their back, which happens more often than not.

Self-defense does more than just help you protect yourself, although that’s important.

There are rising statistics on the amount of non-gun violent crime in our country per capita. It’s sad to say, but Tempe AZ has a 31% higher violent crime rate than the national average. That alone should be an invitation to learn how to protect yourself. However, there’s more to knowing self-defense, than just having it available if you are attacked. It also builds confidence. Just knowing you can handle yourself in many situations is a huge benefit. BJJ is a strategy style of self-defense. It helps you learn to slow or eliminate the fear factor that can paralyze you in a tough spot and help you think clearer under pressure. You don’t have to be in a danger of physical harm from another to benefit from clear thinking when you find yourself in a pressure cooker situation. You’ll be calm and an asset in times when others panic.

Protect your health and enjoy it, while learning self defense.

A program of regular exercise can help extend your life and keep you vital longer. If you’ve tried riding the stationary bike to nowhere and found it simply too boring or watched the clock continuously while you’re going through paces on the rows of exercise machines, you’ll really appreciate how quickly the time flies when you participate in BJJ. You’ll get a full body workout, but the focus is totally on the moves, so the time goes quickly. You’ll be in the moment the entire classtime, making you more apt to stick with it.

You’ll not only learn to protect yourself, you’ll learn to be more aware of your surroundings. The best defense is avoiding a confrontation and BJJ can help you be more aware of everything around so you can do that.

There’s always room to improve your technique and continuous challenges in BJJ. You can advance as far as you choose and never run out of goals.

One of the core foundations of any type of martial arts is not only respect for others, but also self-respect. You practice with a partner and also learn mutual respect.

I find that one of the biggest problems people have to overcome in life is lack of self-discipline. BJJ helps teach that. When you have self-discipline, you can overcome any obstacle. Often your biggest opponent in life is yourself.

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