Make New Friends In BJJ

Working out by yourself in a gym is pretty lonely AND boring. It’s definitely not a place that’s conducive to making friends. Unless you go to the gym for years or go to the gym with friends, it can be pretty lonely. That’s because each person is working on his or her own individual goal and there’s no need to interact. There’s a lot of new people moving into Tempe who want to find other people devoted to good health. I always suggest they come to classes, since you can make new friends in BJJ. You partner up every session, which provides a far better opportunity to get to know someone.

You’ll win the friendship lottery when you come in and train hard.

Don’t expect to come in just to make friendships. Everyone in BJJ classes are there to learn. That should be your primary goal. You’ll be amazed at how much hard work is appreciated in these sessions. People often gravitate to those who are sincere in learning the moves and doing their best. That’s also a good thing that it takes several sessions to get familiarized with people. You’ll want to focus more on the sport, especially when you first start.

You’ll spend hours grappling with fellow students and put your safety in their hands.

That’s the epitome of learning to trust people. The sharing that goes on in classes with everything from critiques to help with a specific move can provide a great bond for friendship. You’ll also meet people that have more in common with you, such as taking care of their body and enjoying exercise. Best of all, BJJ gets you out of the house and keeps you active and with a group of caring individuals.

Don’t be intimidated at first.

It can be quite intimidating to be a newbie at anything, especially martial arts. You’re just learning moves and often not doing them right. Focus your first few months more on the techniques and practicing. The key is to stick around and work as hard as you can. Go to functions held at the gym and matches fellow students enter. Before you know it, you’ll feel comfortable and enjoy all the friendship BJJ offers.

  • Spend most of your time learning the moves and listening to your coach. Everyone is there to learn and providing unsolicited advice to others, particularly if you’re new, is often considered disrespectful. It helps in building friendships.
  • Don’t get upset at losing matches. You’re new. Make it a learning experience and learn what you can do better. Getting advice from a more seasoned student is a great way to build friendships.
  • Study, focus and practice. Enough can’t be said about the respect you’ll get when you work hard to improve your performance.
  • Welcome other beginners. If you’ve been to two classes and a brand new person enters the group, you’re far more seasoned. Welcome them into the group. Being friendly, but not intrusive will help you reach your BJJ goals and make friends.

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