MMA Vs Personal Trainers

MMA training isn’t necessarily for improving your overall fitness, but it does definitely do that. Whether it’s better than the training from personal trainers for your fitness isn’t a question that actually can be answered. It all depends on your goal and preferences. It’s different because it’s a sport and learning the sport is the most important part of the training. In order to succeed, you have to be fit and the training itself boosts that fitness.

You won’t be doing isolated body part exercises.

Unlike working with a personal trainer, there’s no leg day, upper body day or even cardio day. When you learn Brazilian Jiu Jitsu or any other martial art, you’re getting a full body workout that provides all types of fitness; cardio, strength, balance and flexibility. MMA sports involve all parts of the body working in unison and synergy. Unlike many sports, there’s no focus on upper or lower body strength, flexibility or endurance.

Some personal trainers use unique training that can be fun, but most don’t.

If you’re working with a personal trainer, most of the time, it’s simply traditional workouts or workouts modified with circuit training or HIIT training. While some may include kettlebells, ropes and obstacles courses, most of the time they don’t. That means even if they change it frequently, it’s often not nearly as much fun as training in traditional MMA sports like BJJ. This sport is just plain fun and challenging, which keeps you looking forward to the next training session.

There are some things that both have in common.

Getting your body prepared to work to maximum capabilities with adequate warm up routines and burning calories are both similarities. Both improve your overall health. MMA training can burn as much as 620 calories in a 45 minute grappling session and just like working with a personal trainer, the amount of calories burned varies on the exercise, person’s present weight and the amount of effort exerted. Feeling good after the workout is common to both personal training and Based on your goals, you may want to seek out a personal trainer, rather than taking MMA session. It may not be for everyone, but certainly is fun and rewarding for those that do.

  • Whether you’re working with a trainer or learning MMA, eating healthy is important. Most people find that once they’re immersed in the sport, eating healthier becomes a goal to improve their performance.
  • When you have a personal trainer, you’ll learn workouts that will help you stay fit the rest of your life. The same can be true of BJJ, except you also get a powerful self-defense tool.
  • If you want a great cardio workout, use HIIT training. It involves going at top speed for a while and then into recovery mode. MMA training works just like that and replicates HIIT training by its very nature.

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