Most Effective Martial Art For Self Defense

There’s no doubt about it, you can improve your safety by knowing martial art for self defense, no matter what type you choose. Every type of martial arts also builds strength, endurance and flexibility to help you stay safer if you find yourself attacked and required to fight. There are many different views as to what the best type is, but there’s a lot of experts that feel Brazilian Jiu Jitsu—BJJ ranks at the top. There are a number of good reasons why.

BJJ got its start by a man that was smaller than most of his opponents.

When Judo evolved from Jiu Jitsu, Mitsuo Maeda studied it and became proficient enough to not only win matches but teach this new technique. He specialized in ground fighting. He traveled to Brazil in 1914 and was befriended by Gastão Gracie, a businessman. That businessman requested Maeda teach his son, Carlos Gracie. Gracie eventually taught his brothers and one, Hélio, was smaller than the rest and didn’t have the strength to execute many of the judo moves, so he made adjustments and then refined them to allow him to defeat those bigger than him. Those changes resulted in the creation of BJJ. That’s also the reason Brazilian Jiu Jitsu is such a good method of self-defense regardless of size.

Since BJJ focuses on ground fighting, it provides real life benefits to successfully stop an attack.

While BJJ offers many different moves, its focus in on ground technique. It offers techniques for take downs, using trips and throws. Once on the ground, it provides the training on what to do next. Why is that important? It’s because most fights end up on the ground. While the training allows students to tap out when in a submission, in real life, the knowledge provides the skills to take out an attacker.

Another key to training is learning to use opponents weaknesses against them.

Not only does training help you learn how to plan and keep your cool under pressure, it also helps you learn how to use your opponents weaknesses against them. Even if you’re in a bad situation, with knowledge, you can turn the tables and use that position to your own advantage. Only through practice through rolling do you get that feel for what it’s like in a real fight, but in a safe situation.

  • While other types of martial arts also have their benefits and can turn a dangerous situation into one you control, BJJ benefits people of all sizes.
  • You’ll get more from BJJ training than just a technique for self-defense, you’ll get a great workout that can build strength, help you lose weight, improve flexibility and promote endurance.
  • Learning BJJ is actually fun. Not only will you learn how to defend yourself and develop an attitude of self-assurance that makes you less likely of a victim, you’ll enjoy every minute of it.
  • One of the weaknesses in BJJ is where there are weapons or a gang attack on a single individual. However, most martial arts also has those vulnerabilities.

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