Shed Pounds, Build Confidence With Brazilian Jiu Jitsu In Tempe

There are so many reasons people come to learn Brazilian Jiu Jitsu in Tempe. Some choose it as a way to help shed pounds, others want to build confidence or simply learn a technique for self-defense. All of these are great reasons, but there are also many more. It’s an activity that keeps you constantly growing, since there’s no end to what you can learn and develop, even if you’re a grandmaster. The knowledge is unlimited and constantly growing. There are, however, some very good reasons it’s exceptional for weight loss.

It burns calories fast.

You’re using your entire body for this sport. However, you’re not focusing on the fat burning exercise, but on the technique and movements. You’re moving every part and getting a grueling workout that you might never do in a gym. You workout longer than you often would at the gym and the workout is similar to HIIT training. Sometimes, you’re moving at high intensity and other times, moderate, but you’re constantly moving. It burns between 3 and 5 calories per pound of body weight in training, compared to aerobic exercises that burn 2.9 calories.

You’ll workout longer and stay more focused because BJJ is fun and interesting.

Much of the training is learning the movements. It’s focus on technique is fun. It gives you a challenge each day and makes you want to come back. Let’s face it, no matter what program of exercise you do, you’ll lose weight and burn calories, but only if you stick with it. BJJ training makes you want to come back for more and leaves you excited to attend the next class.

You learn to be more aware of your body.

Commitment to the sport of BJJ certainly changes your perspective and teaches body awareness. With that comes respect for the body. You’ll be more aware of when you’re really hungry and when you’re not. It’s almost an exercise in mindful eating. As part of that awareness and respect, your thinking begins to You’ll develop a committed, disciplined attitude. Self-discipline is probably the hardest thing for people to learn. No matter who you are, it’s always a never ending battle against one form of temptation or another. BJJ helps you build that discipline.

  • The more you learn and the better you become, the more you want to learn. Unlike traditional weight loss programs where you shed the pounds and then cease the activity, BJJ keeps you interested and that helps keep pounds off permanently.
  • You participate at your own pace. You don’t have to do anything you’re not ready to do. You take each session at your own pace based on your ability and endurance.
  • BJJ helps build confidence. The more confidence you have, the more you believe in yourself and your ability to accomplish any task, even weight loss.

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