The Jiu Jitsu Lifestyle

The Jiu Jitsu lifestyle is a state of mind. It doesn’t mean you’re constantly absorbed in the sport itself…although some people are…but instead transfer the lessons learned on the mat and in training to your everyday life outside. For instance, training and preparation now becomes a priority, whether it’s on the job or at a BJJ—Brazilian Jiu Jitsu session. Being willing to learn new things to improve yourself, your skills or your fitness, helps you win at both life and in a match.

You’ll learn to improve your diet and eat healthier.

Yes, it’s true, most people in Tempe, AZ and throughout the US could benefit from this lesson. It’s not that the information is forced on you during sessions, it’s that you want to learn how to eat healthier to improve your performance. Not only will you begin to recognize healthier foods with the knowledge that comes from study, you’ll be able to recognize healthier foods by the way your body feels when you eat it. A fresh green salad certainly leaves a different feeling that’s more energetic than a junk food.

You’ll develop a sense of well being and calm.

Learning to focus and slowing down the action mentally allows you to choose the best move to take out an opponent. While this strategy alone is used by some during competition, in many cases it’s combined with controlled spirited aggression. Focusing on the opponent’s moves and living in the moment is one of the big takeaways from training. It helps you in daily life to remain calm and collected while others are panicking.

You learn that finesse and skill always wins over brute strength and bullying.

BJJ is all about technique, not size. A 110 pound well-trained woman can take on a 220 pound untrained man and win. Steam rolling others either with weight, power or other controlling technique isn’t necessarily the way to win in either BJJ or life. In fact, it may be a sure fire way to failure. If you’re a parent, you probably already know that screaming at your kids normally won’t get you very far. Teaching them, motivating them and convincing them calmly—even if it’s with the line, “because I’m the parent”—gets faster results and a happier family situation. You’ll start changing your tactics as a family member, team player or boss.

  • You’ll learn to look for the most efficient way to do any task, which is at the heart of BJJ training. During matches, you learn to look for ways to maximize your efficiency, while using the least amount of energy.
  • You learn to handle situations before they become huge problems. Just like in a match, finding a counter to an opponents move needs to be done quickly, yet with thoughtful actions.
  • You’ll learn to seize the moment and be more daring. The focus and living in the moment it takes for a match helps you identify opportunities everywhere. You’ll learn to take chances and calculated risks.
  • Your problem solving skills will improve just by flexing your strategy skills.

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