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What’s the best fitness program in Tempe? It’s the one that you’ll stick with and actually get your body in shape. Doing your half hour workout at the gym may be efficient, but if you find yourself dreading every minute of it, you’ll probably quit before you get the results you want. So how do you successfully fight the battle of the bulge? Find a workout that keeps your interest, learn to eat healthy and make it lifestyle changes, not a dreaded “thing” you have to do.

BJJ is a form of self-defense.

BJJ was created by a man of smaller stature to compete against larger opponents. Its benefit is that you don’t have to be a specific size to win a grapple, which translates to overcoming an assault. It benefits you with a tool that can keep you protected and keep you from becoming a victim. You won’t even look like a victim, since you’ll walk with confidence. People who attack others often look for those who don’t have the confidence and appear frightened and weak, so you’ll prevent the attack before it ever happens.

That self-discipline helps shed pounds in other ways.

Many people who participate in BJJ find they have more discipline and even want to eat healthier. People often find they want to eat healthier and start making switches to whole foods. Since, it’s lower in calories and contains more nutrition, it’s not only healthier, it helps you shed pounds. Healthier eating often becomes an obsession once you’re involved with the sport because you want to become better at BJJ and that requires a healthy, fit body.

You’ll be amazed at the calories it burns.

BJJ is a total body workout. It exercises every muscle in your body and works on all types of fitness. You’ll boost your strength, flexibility, endurance and balance with BJJ. You’re constantly moving, but you won’t notice how much exercise you’re getting because you’re too focused on either learning a new technique or calculating your opponents next move so you can counter it. Before you know it, the class is over, you’ve gotten a great workout and you never looked at the clock once! You’ll leave the sessions with excitement and looking forward to the next session. It’s fun and that keeps you coming back for more.

BJJ doesn’t have age restrictions. However, if you have physical problems, you need to check with your doctor first to ensure it’s right for you and safe for your participation.

You’ll make great friends at BJJ. It’s a tight knit community that welcomes everyone.

BJJ will help you mentally. It’s all about strategy and planning. It boosts your mental capacity and helps you hone your skills in creating a plan of action.

Bring a friend to BJJ and make it even more fun. You’ll not only widen your circle of friends, you’ll build a sounder foundation for the friend you took.

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