What Is Grappling In MMA?

Grappling in MMA is the type of fighting used. It’s an up-close-and-personal style of fighting that uses hand-to-hand techniques, with the advantage coming from position and overtaking an opponent. The type of training used for the basis of each decides the type of grappling most often used. Each one is different, yet many of the types of moves overlap.

Beating an opponent starts with endurance and a plan of action.

If you started out your training in BJJ, you’re lucky and have exceptional aerobic conditioning. Endurance and outlasting an opponent is just part of the strategy, with submission being the goal. Grappling is often a successful combination of intelligent moves, muscularity and fighting a great ground fight. The BJJ grappler is often described as being his or her best in a ground fight. The most often used grappling techniques include chokes and joint locks.

Chokes and joint locks immobilize opponents and help you win submission grappling.

Chokes are part of grappling and there’s a lot of them to learn. While each sport has their own version, basically a choke is an effective way to get the opponent to tap out or to choke them out. There are a number of different types of chokes in the grappling martial arts, but anything that restricts breathing or obstructs the throat is a choke. Joint locks are also important in immobilizing opponents. There are five types of jointlocks, armlocks, leglocks, spinal locks, wristlocks and small joint manipulation, such as toe or finger bending.

Throws, submissions, sweeps and takedowns are part of the grappling arts.

Judo brings throws to the MMA arena and are used effectively when grappling. Submissions are attributed to almost all grappling sports. Takedowns are attributed primarily to Sambo practitioners. They have a wide variety of takedowns in the weaponry that may or may not be part of the arsenal of other grappling arts.

  • Sambo has a wide variety of striking techniques. In fact, it offers far more time spent striking than other types of grappling arts.
  • Grappling in MMA involves all the techniques used by the various martial arts and wrestling. In fact, many wrestling based participants that switch to MMA do quite well.
  • Of all the grappling sports, BJJ is one where being on your back doesn’t mean you’ve lost the match, but can mean victory since there are many attacks and submissions when you’re on the bottom.
  • Anyone with a good understanding of BJJ has an advantage in MMA competitions. The ability to outlast and strategize, plus the wealth of sweeps, reversals and submissions helps to give them the advantage.

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