You’re Never Too Old To Learn Brazilian Jiu Jitsu

Today, more and more people are realizing that age is nothing more than a number and one that shouldn’t set limits on what you do or what you learn. Getting fit and learning new skills can be accomplished at any age. While the pace of improvement physically may be faster for younger counterparts, you’re never too old to learn Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. It’s a sport more focused on technique rather than brute strength. Older participants often have some advantages over younger counterparts.

Older individuals often focus more on the learning process.

It can be pretty intimidating seeing far more buff, younger individuals in the same class as you are if you’re an older adult just taking up the sport. However, I found people who take it up at a late date in life are often more focused on the learning process, just for that reason. They may not feel they can be on equal footing with someone decades younger, but with the knowledge provided, may have a healthy chance. The process is more cerebral than physical, many times, which provides the more focused individual with more leverage.

Dedication to BJJ and learning is the key.

While there are no fast rules about people and how they act, since everyone is unique, I’ve often found that individuals that start with me at a disadvantage, whether it’s size, strength or age, are often more dedicated to doing what it takes to succeed. Ironically, it’s that disadvantage and the dedication it brings that helps them overcome their shortfall.

Staying fit with BJJ helps you stay younger.

People don’t wear out, they rust out. Inactivity is the real problem, not too much activity. While some of my students will never enter a competition, they do learn important self-defense skills and get fitter in the process. I am extremely proud of all my champions here, some of whom have received honors in the world of BJJ, while others are champions for overcoming the challenges they face in life. I have seniors who consistently work at staying or even getting healthy as members of both groups of champions.

  • Unfortunately in this country, often violence is aimed at those who are weaker or older. BJJ gives seniors the advantage of having the tools for self-defense, often surprising and overcoming these predators.
  • GD Jiu-Jitsu Academy is a family of people that provide friendship and support to one another. Extending your social world, regardless of age, is part of a healthy lifestyle.
  • The learning that takes place at our academy not only boosts physical health, it boosts cognitive thinking and mental health.
  • No matter what age you are, learning BJJ helps you understand that one loss is not the end, but just another learning experience and you can accomplish almost anything in life regardless of age, physical ability or gender.

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