You’re Not Too Big For Jiu Jitsu

If you’re convinced Jiu Jitsu won’t help you because of your large size, there are two possible reasons for it. Either you think you’re too heavy to participate and won’t be able to do the moves or you think your size makes you invincible. While most people say that martial arts can help the smaller opponent take down the larger, size does have its advantage, as long as size indicates strength.

Strength puts power behind the leverage that technique creates.

Working on building strength is important, just as working on endurance and flexibility is. That’s one reason conditioning is important. The advantage from BJJ comes from using strength to the maximum and leveraging it. If there’s no strength behind the move, there’s nothing to magnify. It’s especially important for larger people that have no muscle mass. Being big, but not being muscular and strong leaves you almost defenseless. It’s one of the reasons we focus on all types of fitness in studies.

The bigger you are, the stronger you must be to overcome technique.

One thing that keeps smaller participants on a more level ground is that the advantage of size and strength slowly diminishes as opponents get bigger. It’s all about the shape you’re in rather than how big you are. If a participant weighs 160 pounds and faces an opponent weighing 192, even if both are equally in shape, that opponent may outweigh him, but isn’t 20 percent stronger just because he’s 20 percent bigger. He might be 12 to 15 percent stronger if they’re both equally in shape. Getting in the best shape and learning technique is important for the smaller guy and equally important for the larger one, particularly if strength and technique are limited.

If you question whether you can take BJJ lessons because you’re overweight, the answer is easy.

Not only can you take lessons in BJJ, but you also should. Taking classes isn’t just about learning the technique, it’s also about getting into shape. You’ll be amazed at how much weight you’ll lose just preparing to go into a match and build muscle at the same time. BJJ training improves all types of fitness from flexibility and strength to balance and endurance. It burns a huge amount of calories and builds muscle tissue while burning fat tissue.

  • You may think you’re too big to bother learning a technique of self-defense, since your size is intimidating. Remember, there are other big people with equal strength who also have the technique that training provides.
  • If you’re unsure of whether BJJ is a sport you want to learn, take a few months of sessions so you get the full effect of what the sport can do for you.
  • No matter what your size, the conditioning will help you live a healthier life and you’ll stick with it because it’s fun and definitely not boring.
  • BJJ training can impact your whole life. It provides mental conditioning as well as physical conditioning. You’ll find it builds confidence and helps keep you more focused in daily life.

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